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Our people

QSL Northern Europe is a Joint Venture of Jacob Flik, Leo Oppenheimer and Software company Trader’s, producer of the Quick-Software-Line.

QSL Northern Europe team:

 Jacob Flik     
 General Manager



For many years, Jacob has earned his spurs as an IT account manager. After obtaining a degree in commercial economics and a range of commercial positions within the world of IT (for instance with Direct View, Rank Xerox), he chose to continue his career as an independent contractor. First with FB&O Printer Solutions, later with Databalance. In 2008 he was assigned the task to expand the IBM Business Partner network of the Quick-Software-Line in Northern Europe. This has resulted in QSL Northern Europe, a joint venture with Trader’s and IBM Power Systems (System i) expert Leo Oppenheimer.

E-mail Jacob Flik
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Leo Oppenheimer      
Chief Technology Officer    

Leo has more than twenty years of experience as a consultant/technical expert. He is a self-made software professional who, after graduating from high school, has become specialised in electronic printing on the IBM AS/400 platform. For many years, Leo has been familiar with the ins and outs of the Quick-Software-Line. Since 1998 he is actively engaged in QSL; the Document Solutions at first and later High Availability- and Data Replication solutions. This is why, together with Jacob Flik and Trader’s, he decided to get on board of QSL Northern Europe.

E-mail Leo Oppenheimer
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Vivianne Van Zwam    
Sales Consultant    

Result-oriented, sociable and creative. These are some of the characteristics that are the basis of Vivianne's success with various IT companies. As a sales assistant and later the one in charge of selling IBM Global Technology Services to resellers, she has earned some respect as a specialist in the field of the overall IBM portfolio. Vivianne has proved her wide range of experience working for Imtech ICT Brocom, IPTOR, (IBS) , Azlan Tech Data and PST Business Services, among others. Besides, she has a Bachelor’s degree in management and tourism and completed high school with outstanding success, which was an excellent preparation for working in an international environment.

E-mail Vivianne Van Zwam
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Milko van Weteringen      


A professional certified AS/400 - IBM i user. Started his ICT career at RBV Leaf by supporting the implementation of an ERP solution for the total production environment. At a later stage he was responsible for the whole traject for the installation, implementation, operational management & end-user training of all the core applications running at the AS/400. In 2000 he started his consultancy career at the IBM Business Partner Imtech ICT Brocom. Consulting customers in defining their future configuration strategy for the IBM i. Afterwards he worked for the IBM Business Partner Databalance as a consultant for management, High Availability and datacenter solutions for IBM i. Quick-EDD/HA was the lead software solution. Milko's lead features are: Open and clear communication, pro-active in finding the best fit solutions for customers and a strong technical knowledge of the IBM i environment & Intel.

E-mail Milko van Weteringen
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Mirco Cayetano Rottschäfer    
IT Consultant
mirco profiel foto


Mirco started his career as a manager in the retail industry and was for many years active in the company Schuitema. As interim manager, he was flown to supermarkets where things right was to be held.
In 2010, he chose the entrepreneurship and ran for five years, two shops and a webshop.

Parallel to this work, Mirco built his skills in the field of IT. He became an IT consultant specializing in optimizing business processes, in which his broad knowledge of databases (SQL, among others) plays an important role.
Meanwhile Mirco has opted for a permanent position in QSL Northern Europe as a technical consultant for the Quick-Software-Line software suite.
Mirco is creative in coming up with IT solutions. He developed a clear client tracking system for our EDD HA clients. As IT specialist he sees possibilities instead of limitations, is efficient and result-oriented which is always paramount interest of the client.

E-mail Mirco Cayetano
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Chantal Huijgen
Office Manager

After graduating from business school, Chantal worked as an account manager with various advertising agencies and public relations firms. In 1990 she decided to become an independent contractor and established her reputation as a free lancer carrying out a wide range of communications projects. Within QSL Chantal is responsible for communications and office management. She runs QSL’s nerve centre and does so with a smile.

E-mail Chantal huijgen
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Dörte Rehberger     
Sales Consultant    
Doerte kl  

After finishing her studies at the university of Heidelberg (translator English and Spanish) in 1986, Dörte Rehberger. started working for an American company as a marketing assistant.
In 1990 she moved to Hamburg where she continued her career as a broker for IBM AS/400-systems and peripherals, before she decided in 1997 to run her own business in IBM sales and as a Lexmark partner. From March 2014 on, Dörte is working for QSL as a free-lancer promoting the Quick-Software-Solutions.

E-Mail Dörte Rehberger
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Ronald Schaffels    
Sales Consultant    

For many years now, Ronald Schaffels has been working as a freelance telemarketer for QSL Northern Europe. He learned his sales skills at Heliview Marketingservice B.V. and Directview  Directmarketingservices B.V. and worked for several IT companies ever since. Beside his telemarketing activities Ronald performs several sales support activities for exhibitions and seminars on project basis for QSL Northern Europe.


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