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High Availability for IBM Power i

Quick-EDD/HA = High Availability software solution for IBM Power Systems (IBM i)

In order to be sure that business processes will continue – also in case of calamity/disaster - Quick-EDD/HA is an excellent choice for making your data, applications and objects high available. Some special features distinguish this state of the art High Availability Software from similar High Availability solutions.

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One of the features is the high-speed replication process: only the detected differences are sent to the target system by using local journals. This means minimal bandwidth is needed as only a little amount of data is transmitted. Making replication possible over large distances.

The superfast check/sync module automatically compares all objects of source and target system. Detected differences are directly repaired. And again, very little bandwidth is needed as only the detected differences are transmitted.

In case of an unplanned system crash, the unique Jobs Follow-up function provides the system manager with a clear overview of the jobs that crashed or were waiting in the job queue during the crash. These jobs can be resubmitted thereafter.

These special features make Quick-EDD/HA an outstanding solution, being able to execute a reliable and high-speed failover in case of a system crash.

Do not hesitate to contact us, or one of our partners, for additional information. You can also ask for a demo or for a free full trial installation without obligations, on a no cure no pay base

Unique selling points of Quick-EDD/HA:

  • Very easy to install and implement;
  • Short implementation time – 3-5 days;
  • Fastest replication process – on IBM Power i;
  • Minimal daily operations – 5-10 minutes;
  • Switches can be carried out fast and easy – the product is designed to switch at anytime;
  • Check/Sync tool – fast detection and reparation of possible differences on the target system;
  • Quick system scan possible with a so called Independent Object Audit (IOA);
  • Synchronization is embedded in replication – no performance problems will occur;
  • Job Follow-up process – status and content of all running jobs visible and available on target system (unique EDH feature!);
  • Low CPU usage on the production system – 2-3%;
  • Low bandwidth usage – only database updates are sent;
  • Priced with IBM tiers – no hidden costs.

More information:
Quick-EDD/HA website

Click here to download the Quick-EDD/HA flyer

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