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Koopman high availability EN

For one of Europe's biggest logistic players, a solid and reliable high availability (HA) solution is a must for this succeful dutch company.

The Koopman Logistics Group used for many years different software solutions to optimize the availability of their critical IBM i systems. Facing several performance issues, also with the IBM hardware replication solution (Storewize disk replication), the Koopman Logistics Group decided to test the Quick-EDD/HA software.

The solution was a perfect fit and satisfied all of the customer's requirements.


lock-106856_640.jpgProtect the privacy: Anonymize your data!

Increasingly, data is copied outside the primary production environment for all kind of purposes: analyzing, reporting, testing etc. Or sharing of data with other authorities.

European legislation sets strict requirements for the security of the data to prevent data leaks and to protect the privacy of  citizens.

Insufficient measures can yield a fine control or a dataleak up to 810,000 € or even a few percent of the annual turnover. In addition, you can of course have to deal with unwanted negative publicity if it turns out that the privacy of your customers is not in order.

With Quick-EDD (high availability) and SmartData (database replication) it is now possible to anonymize data as an extra add-on.

Activating this add-on, your data is safe, even if the data unexpectedly ends up at unwanted places. The data is not traceable to individuals, mail addresses and credit card data are encrypted and unusable. This makes the data sufficiently secured against abuse.

The anonymize function is separately available or at discounted price as extra option in Quick-EDD and SmartData.

Please contact your partner for more information and about the possibilities.

System migrations with minimum downtime

Moving or upgrading your hardware?

Although Quick-EDD/HA is a very robust, efficient and reliable HA solution, the product also qualifies itself as an outstanding solution to perform an IBM i system migration very efficient and with the minimum of downtime.

Also for migrations over long distances, the product uses very low bandwidth, Quick-EDD/Migration is an outright winner.

As an additional benefit, most system migration activities (e.g. installation, configuration, testing, role-swap etc) can be done remotely and during office hours.

How does it work:

First of all, the Quick-EDD/Migration software needs to be installed on both source and (new) target system. The replication can be started to an 'empty' target system (only the IBM i operating system is needed). To speed up the migration process a back-up tape could be restored in advance on the target system.

When both systems are in sync, testing of the applications can be started. After succesful testing, the final switch can be performed.

For Quick-EDD/Migration rental keys are available.




Quick-CSi: Protect and keep track of data changes and users on your IBM i systems

Basel III and Solvency II: what is the impact on your system and is it enough for you to comply to these strict rules?

Since the crisis began, there are millions of bad assets revealed and the financial institutions are required to provide more stability (Basel III), solvency (Solvency II) but also, and maybe even above all, to provide more transparency. Through various pillars, new regulations became active in order to reach above goals. The impact on IT systems is very large.

Providing insight into processes and the reporting is one thing.

On the other hand, there should be strict procedures in place about who has access to which data and ensuring that data is not modified by unauthorized persons (afterwards). Also, this should be reported in reliable and easy way (compliance and risk management).

With Quick-CSi you can realize this. With Quick-CSi you can trace (changed) data, have extended-automatic-reporting and prevent fraudulent actions. A realtime warning system is included so that you - in the event of detection of a certain act - are warned and can intervene as soon as possible.
(Government) Authorities may - by means of Quick-CSi - check the accuracy of the information you provided in case of an internal or external audit.

Installing Quick-CSi on your IBM i system puts you one giant step closer to comply with legal regulations.

For more information, visit our website or contact your local partner.



Are you up to date? Current releases:

Download the most current versions from our support forum
Product: Version:
Quick-EDD/HA V170320
Quick-EDD/HA Tools V160908
Quick-EDD/DR V141222
SmartData V1.20.821
Product: Version:
Quick-Press V2R3M8
Quick-Press/Unicode V161018
Quick-Spool/Archive V150430
Quick-CSi V170109
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