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Newsletter November 2015

QSL is pleased to announce that Trader’s the Quick-Software-Line product line vendor has launched a new and unique software product; Quick-SmartData. We are writing to you to give you an insight into the product and where it can help with managing you data and also a brief update on one of our security products, oh and of course the opportunity to look at a white paper for the fastest and easiest to manage iSeries HA product on the market!


White Paper Quick-EDD/HA request here 



Real-timedata replication and distribution for heterogeneous databases."Capture the value of your IT! Think Data!" We are pleased to share the news that we announced Quick-Smartdata. Quick-SmartData provides real real-time capture, replication, transformation and delivery to speed up the response to business critical data by always real time information available for your analytics or external application, across heterogeneous systems……read more


" Expected soon:
Anonymizer for Quick-SmartData

Anonymizer is an effective solution for the privacy of test data, hiding the personal dimension of data or information. It works by de-identifying sensitive data while preserving its format and type..."


QUICK-CSi  Your forensic agent for IBM Power i
Your IBM System i is reachable by your users and providers. Even if your system provides securities for access and procedures you're not protected against usage mistakes, embezzlement, etc – voluntary or not, on confidential data of the company. Quick-CSi allows you to track all the operations made on your system, alert you and take all the necessary measures. Quick-CSi also provides a full audit and security suite: access control and detailed follow-up of all the events through one single interface.

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