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QSL is present at the Pow3r 6/2017 event

power germany

POW3R event in Cologne (Köln), Germany

27th & 28th of june, 2017

IBM i Power System Server is the backbone for the IT-supported processes in many successful companies. This is great. In addition to the proverbial virtues of the system, such as cost-effectiveness, reliability, scalability and security, attributes such as flexibility and the simplicity that support the platform in coping with digital change uniquely.

Come to the POW3R and get ready for digital progress

POW3R is the successful joint venture of the German MIDRANGE MAGAZIN and the user community 'COMMON' with strategic lectures for decision-makers and hand-held training for specialists. Get the necessary information at first hand as your IT meets the requirements of the digital, mobile and networking world. In workshops, administrators, developers and data banks update their expertise to support agile digital business processes using modern methods.

POW3R shows solutions and strategies

POW3R is the meeting point for future-oriented IT decision-makers and specialists.

POW3R informs, among other things, in a key note from IBM what is behind Watson and how this breakthrough technology is already the basis of real cognitive solutions.

POW3R shows strategies for the modernization or new development of applications for more agility in the processes. Participants learn from colleagues how they managed their own projects successfully and how their companies achieve economic advantages.

At POW3R, participants can see how the capabilities of the platform can be valued as an infrastructure server for IoT or Industry 4.0 projects, and how they can learn how to make cost-effective (high) availability and security cost-effective.

The conference provides decision-making bases on the topics of cloud, managed services or SaaS. POW3R shows modern standard applications for many requirements and agile processes.

IBM provides information about the evolution of the operating system and database (roadmap) platform for the digital age.

Specialists learn in workshops modern methods of application development and modernization, how they successfully use the new intelligence of the database in queries and programming, or how OpenSource solutions help sustainably.

However, POW3R also has a great deal of room for the development of new IT staff. The exchange of experiences is important: Case studies on successful projects, carried out by experienced practitioners, discussions with market-leading IBM business partners or colleagues from other companies.

Four-eye conversations with IBM & Exchange of experience

Meet IBM experts and responsible people and get answers to your questions in two-session meetings. The exchange of experience on the POW3R is at all important.

evening event

On the evening of the 27th of June, POW3R offers the possibility of networking and intensive exchange of experience.

target group

The POW3R event is addressed to decision-makers and specialists in medium-sized companies, who see their strategic partner in IBM, in strategic and specialist speeches. The topics of the conference are strongly business-oriented. They help to meet the challenges of digital change, the flexibility of processes and, last but not least, the decision-making process. Specialists are expanding and updating their methodological knowledge from Hands on Sessions, held by the best. Targeted and practical.

The course "Common Sessions" (participation fee) addresses the theme "TECHNOLOGY. SUCCESSFUL. UMSETZEN "to innovative specialists (programmers / system administrators) but also very targeted to your junior IT talent. In the track "PROJECTS. SUCCESSFUL. MAKE "to learn IT decision-makers on the basis of practice talks / Casestudies, how IT progress succeeds.

More information and registration found here: http://www.pow3r.info/

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