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Power outage Amsterdam

on . Posted in High Availability & Disaster Recovery for IBM i

Today, large parts of Amsterdam were hit by a huge power outage. More than 360.000 connections lost power, starting at a little past 4 o'clock in the morning.

While most people were still sleeping and not aware of the loss of power, a lot of companies were very busy trying to minimize the consequences of this power outage. Trains did not leave because there was no communication possible with train tracks, traffic lights were not functioning and most people left to work without having their regular cup of coffee or hot shower.


In the data centres big diesel generators kicked in, thus supplying the data centres of sufficiënt power. But, as Murphy's Law explains "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong", in one of the data centres located in Amsterdam an IBM Power i system of one of our clients did not survive the sudden power outage.

Despite having redundant power supplies, having a UPS to catch the power peaks, having multiple diesel generators, their main production system of the customer went down, uncontrolled.... The business processes of a global logistics company came to a stand still as all the electronic transactions were processed by an IBM Power i system in Amsterdam.

The system had to be re-activated as soon as possible to avoid a financial disaster and reputation damage.

Luckely our customer invested some years ago in our high availability solution Quick-EDD/HA and extra IBM Power I systems located somewhere else outside Amsterdam. Thanks to this solution the company could easily perform a role swap to a target system at another location and was back in business in less than four hours.
In the recent past, the customer and QSL Northern Europe performed several switch tests.Therefore the customer had the right experience and skills to perform a smooth failover in an emergency situation.

This global logistics company withheld from a disaster thanks to Quick-EDD/HA and QSL Northern Europe.

This case once more indicates the importance of having a secure high availability solution for your critical systems so your business processes can continue, even when your main production system fails. The fact that our client was able to perform a role swap (switch) themselves have proven that Quick-EDD/HA is a very easy to use and easy to manage high availability solution.

Read more about Quick-EDD/HA and how it can save your business.

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