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IBM i version 7.3 innovations

Posted in High Availability & Disaster Recovery for IBM i

With version 7.3 of IBM i AS/400, launched last April, IBM is accelerating its product policy for more and more data analysis, security and openness. With the key to its users, new features, tools and solutions that translate immediately into business and economic benefits in a world of increasingly rapid change.

New features for one of the most acclaimed database: DB2 for i

Version 7.3 includes new features that allow you to perform further analysis of past and current data, establish schedules, forecasts and translate trends to define the company's strategy. New features include "temporary tables" that provide automatic data logging. Just now query the historical SQL to revive a string of treatment; access and compare data (production, sales, products ...) on different periods are facilitated. The new auto-populated fields, according to a twenty proposed values, guarantee the administrator to know exactly who (user, position, address IP) modified or deleted the row, always for the sake of understanding of the data. The new version also includes new OLAP aggregation functions & statistical and analytical native dimension; compare sales between reference points of sale (the most efficient and least profitable) and to the results of projections that investment becomes easy.

Increased security by collecting fees

Considered the most reliable operating system and resilient to external attacks, IBM i, in version 7.3, including the new "Security Authority Collection 'which strengthens the management of application access rights. It proves a real guide to establish the "good security" by proposing the most appropriate rights according to the profile and the business users. The administrator can quickly set up the really necessary access rights in the implementation of the HR Department jobs, Sales & Marketing ... This feature helps protect critical data and business applications from within, against unauthorized access, giving the "right" rights.
An increasingly open to the company's portfolio of application service

Like the previous editions, IBM continues to expand its opening under the new technology requirements and business clients (mobility, analytics, cognitive computing ...). Version 7.3 opens to mobility with IBM i Access Mobile that allows an administrator, for example, to track, via dashboards, key performance indicators system. To participate and contribute to the "open source" community, always more important to young developers, the new version supports new languages ​like Python and Node.js and new development environments such as Git and Orion. In parallel, the manufacturer continues to evolve the RPG language (appearance of the Free-Form RPG in 2014) and the associated development environment (RDi - Rational Developer for i).

This new version is part of the IBM roadmap, clear and published, where the computer giant shows its main technological developments in its IBM i operating environment until 2027. In addition, it will benefit, in fall 2016, lay-now usual technological day (TR - Technology Refresh) that fit into the new paradigm of IBM development and distribution of updates where responsiveness, simplicity and flexibility prevail.

Finally, version 7.3 responds, technological way to new challenges as companies consolidate their value propositions according to the expectations of their customers and encourage interaction with their ecosystem based on new digital uses.

Learn more about the new version of the IBM i operating system - 7.3

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