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Digitize your documents on IBM i

Posted in Document Management on IBM Power i

Digitising documents on IBM Power i AS/400

With the new software solution Quick-DMT, TRADER'S simplifies the dematerialization of documents and invoices in its preferred operating system AS/400 IBM, widely used companies, particularly in the distribution and industry. In a technological environment increasingly complex and virtualized, where developments are accelerating, the AS/400 still represents the platform that offers the greatest guarantees of stability, robustness and security, to manage high volumes of data and operations.

Just like all its existing software solutions that made our reputation worldwide, TRADER'S offers a turnkey solution: 100% native to AS/400 and IBM i, which covers all the resources, and amazingly simple to use for end users. The dematerialization which complies to legal legislation is now within reach of all businesses that want to increase productivity and significant savings!

A software solution designed and engineered for the AS / 400 (IBM i)

Paperless documentation and especially invoicing is not only about changing the process of sending postal mail to email. This is to introduce new, automated processes that ensure paperless documents with probative value, according to best practices and especially the regulations which are required. Thought and designed especially for AS/400, the Quick-DMT dematerialization solution, based on IBM i applications, can create mechanisms layouts and automatic controls - addresses, emails, graphics ... and bring together all shipments via a dedicated communication line to the platform of dematerialization of the "trusted third party". Dematerialized documents (invoices, contracts, tenders ...) can then be signed and stamped. From beginning to end, all operations are standardized and plotted in terms of sending and receiving documents, in compliance with established processes and automation. Quick-DMT, 100% native AS / 400 is the assurance for the IT department and the company to benefit from a rapidly operational dematerialization solution, easily managed and truly taking advantage of this AS / 400 system - IBM i, renowned for its reliability!

A native and secure dematerialisation for the AS / 400 server (IBM i)

Dematerialization, offering immediate benefits in terms of operational and economic efficiency, is to create and manage information, exchange and process directly electronically. With Quick-DMT, which can easily generate XML feeds, ISD or the Directorate concerned Jobs can quickly retrieve information directories in a few clicks, build process and assemble the most relevant indicators in native AS / 400 applications. Dematerialization solution and exploits the potential and resources of the AS / 400 server and applications to ensure a paperless, end to end. Another key factor not least, this centralization avoids multiple entries and the "comings & goings" between applications, sources of errors: an access modification or the source application on updating information affects the Quick-DMT dematerialization solution, without any manipulation. Thus, dematerialisation solution increases the effectiveness of the process of the AS / 400 server, its original environment, while streamlining and controlling, and that the benefit of employees and business managers.

Simplicity and ease of use for your users

Quick-DMT dematerialization solution does not require deployment on all workstations of the department concerned (accounting, human resources ...). It is all about simplicity and ease of use. The accountant, sales, HR Manager ... directly transfers the documents to the dematerialization platform, in SMTP, FTP or SFTP, 24H / 24 and 7/7. This highly secure platform, located in France, retrieves the document, converts it if necessary, encrypts and acquires the electronic signature and timestamp, legal dematerialization wages and sent to the recipient's email. Just then the recipient to connect to the server via Secure ID or password to retrieve the document and check the validity of the signature. The recovered document may in no case be modified, it is joined by the French regulations. Once the document is opened by the recipient, the sender receives a receipt stamped and identified. Dematerialization solution Quick-DMT removes all administrative tasks with low added value, the re-entry research, and improves communication within and outside the enterprise while increasing the productivity of all. Paperless documentation becomes part of a broader dynamic optimization of business processes to its customers and suppliers.

In conclusion, dematerialisation with legal value in AS / 400 is now within reach of all businesses (SOHO, SME / SMI's and large companies) that want to increase productivity and realize significant savings. Indeed, the potential savings can be extremely important. Some figures Cabinet Arthur D. Little to illustrate: a company spends 5 to 15% of its turnover in the management of paper documents, of which 3% to printing them.

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